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Are you planning your next sleepover and don't know what to do?

Hello again, my name is Alicia and this is my blog that I post on on every once in a while about many different subjects. If you have already read one of my recent blog posts then you would happen to know this already, but, the chances of you knowing this are quite low, so, if you are new then be sure to stick around and read all about these fun things to do on sleepovers!

If you are planning a sleepover and have no idea what to do, keep reading because you came to the right place!

As a pre-teen I have had my fair share of sleepovers and usually, you get the plain and boring sleepovers that weren't thought about at all, don't be that type of host, instead, be the type of host that ensures their guests with an exciting and adventurous stay with my advice!

I personally love to have fun and play around with makeup, face masks and other beauty products such as nail polish and while I wait I usually watch an interesting and exciting movie with my guests while munching of some crunchy and buttery popcorn. 

As I have also just transitioned to high school I am educated that many people have their own different and unique personalities which leads them to enjoy other things which is why this list continues to go on.

If you have a quite typical and unique girly personality than perhaps you would enjoy similar things as I do and possibly even reading through an interesting magazine and educating yourself with the latest gossip or having a fun karaoke night where you sing your heart out to your favourite pop music or play Just Dance which is also a fun way of exercising and bonding over music! Or, if you are the exact opposite (a boy or tom boy) who enjoys many adventures, outdoors activities then perhaps this next list is for you. I have also grown up my whole life with two brothers and and what they usually enjoy includes riding to the skate park on their scooter, skateboard or bike and shredding flips on the ramps, playing popular and trending games such as Fortnite, Call Of Duty, Mario Kart, Minecraft for the kids and of course, a very a popular option includes camping in your backyard as you and your friends enjoy your privacy.

Many other options may include telling stories whether they be made up, embarrassing monuments in your life or just general conversation regarding yourself, your favourite hobbies or any personal goals that you wish to accomplish in the future. You can also take the situation for granted and use it as time to study for any of your hard or challenging subjects that require you to work or progress on. And of course, do you even have friends if you've never played Monopoly together? It is a great way to close up your sleepover and I can guarantee you that it's also an amazing way to bond with your friends.

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