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Do you feel uptight and stressed?

Hey there, my name is Alicia and this is my blog which I will post on every once in a while. I am currently 11 years old and transitioning into my teen years. I love creative writing and learning new things such as hobbies, languages and trying new foods. My mum, Summa, is the founder of Zwirlzy, I write this as my everyday lifestyle and daily topics relate to you. 
This blog will be based upon many of Zwirlzy's unique, colourful and dreamy items, reasons to shop with Zwirlzy and the day to day life of a teen. So, I won't distract you any longer and I'll let you go straight into the blog.
As a pre-teen I know how stressful things can be sometimes, whether that is, trying to balance healthy relationships or maintaining good grades at school.
When you're feeling stressed or unable to cope with situations it's always good to relax and unwind. Many people engage in different ways to calm themselves from what suits them, that might include, listening to music, watching a movie, talking to someone trusted or lighting a candle.
But, one of the most efficient ways to relax is Zwirlzy's bath bombs. And all you have to do requires minimal effort. So, run a nice warm bath, place the bath bomb inside, then watch as it fizzes and bubbles whilst it's unique and colourful burst of colour swirls into the water and let the delightful scent take you to another world, one filled with relaxation and good thoughts. Let your mind explore, unwind and dream of possibilities. 
Zwirlzy's bath bombs are materialised of many items good for when you are needing to relax and unwind. Enjoy the unique trail of colours as they unwind, all while being able to soothe your skin and wash yourself at the same time!
After taking a bath with Zwirlzy's products, it will leave your skin feeling soothed, soft and, even better, all of your worries will be washed away and replaced with calm and dreamy thoughts. Did you know that taking a bath before bed can calm you and help you sleep better, ready for your next day of schooling so that you can focus? This is the method that I use and find especially efficient before sleeping on a school night, it gives me a clear and refreshed mind ready for whatever work is thrown at me. 
I have personally had a bath with one of Zwirlzy's bath bombs and, take it from me, they aren't just any ordinary bath bombs that you buy from Kmart. They are speciality bath bombs with unique designs that are original, beautiful colours and handmade in Australia. There is a wide variety of colours, fragrances and trendy designs to choose from so that you don't have to worry about missing out the fun.
And take it from me, I am not just saying this because it's my mum's business, I am doing it because I would like to encourage other people to enjoy the same amazing and dreamy experience that I have found in Zwirlzy's bath bombs during the process testing them to make sure they are just right for you!
Why shop with Zwirlzy? You should shop with Zwirlzy because it is an efficient way to keep up with current trends, quality and fashionable items at affordable prices.

Why read this blog? You should read this blog as a source of entertainment and a way to get to know more about both myself and Zwirlzy along with other stocked products.
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