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Student stress on the rise in Australia! Get your free digital study planner download here today.

Hey there and welcome to my blog. For those of you who haven’t yet read one of my recent blogs, my name is Alicia and I usually post on this blog from time to time and discuss someone topics of interest. And today I will be informing you on a healthy study strategy that you most definitely should pursue!

Do you hate being chaotic and disorganised for an exam/assessment which was sprung on you randomly? Well,  lucky for you, I’ve got a great resolution to your problem, so keep on reading!

As a recent high school student, I’ve gained experience of stress and pressure from difficult tasks firsthand. And, if I am being completely candid, there isn’t a right way to resolve this situation, but many strategies have been developed by people all around the world! These may include, flipping through notebooks, asking someone in a higher position or rewarding yourself once you have gained a certain number of questions correct or once finished revising each concept. But I have found it quite useful and effective to keep a study planner.

A study planner is an efficient solution to preplanning study sessions at specific times for specific subjects. It has also proven to many people as useful when keeping a neat and tidy schedule as well as boosting your grades.

It has been scientifically proven that it only takes 30 days to either construct and maintain a healthy and stable habit or 30 days to dismantle and destroy terrible and fiendish habits. Using this you can imagine that the habit you are trying to destroy is being unorganised and unprepared and that the one you are trying to create is being neat, organised and prepared for whatever challenges you may face in future whether that is a math exam or reading!

You can also buy certain study planners which maintain vibrant colours and designs that were created in order to suit your unique and quirky personality. Although, such pristine planners are quite hard to grasp hold of and can only be found at unique establishments. One of these establishments is obviously Zwirlzy! I mean, have you seen the bright and wonderful products that can be maintained here?

I know that this influences an efficient study schedule while having creative designs fit for both genders and I will definitely be keeping one for myself! So, I encourage you to do the same and try to establish healthy habits. If you are interested, then please click one of the following links below and I will see you next blog post.

Get your FREE Zwirlzy Printable download Study Planner today by clicking on the link, download and print off on your printer and start planning out your studies. 

Free Digital Download | Girls design planner sheet 

Free Digital Download | Boys design planner sheet

You can also find some really cool things for school on Zwirlzy website:

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